Our Story

The My ChallengeHQ Story.

Meet Rob and Charlie, the founders of MyChallengeHQ. Like any good idea MyChallengeHQ was hatched after a few beers following the Mont Blanc Marathon. With another poor performance under the belt but an amazing feeling of adventure and achievement, the idea of MyChallengeHQ was born.

One platform to find and view any event. An area to view past, present and future challenges. One place to engage with fellow athletes and friends to find encouragement and a place to book all your events - you get the idea. A complete solution for all Finish Line Events. (Sounds better than Mass Participation events, right?)

In February of 2015 MCHQ version one was born. The future of Finish Line Events. The answer to all our problems. Or not.

Rob and Charlie didn't quite get it right first time, but it did serve as the perfect tool to test the waters and find out exactly what you guys wanted. A little extra business knowledge was required to get this one off the ground, so they brought in three of the finest advisors going.

With the advisors on board and a bulletproof business plan Rob and Charlie pulled their running socks on to try and make this dream happen. Like any event, they trained and worked hard, and the dedication paid off - they got their investment. With oodles of passion but limited tech skills they searched the globe for the finest developer going. They met Robin, who had all the credentials. It wasn't until they checked out his Strava account that they were convinced he was the man for the job.

With all that market research, plenty of contacts made and passion bubbling, the team worked day and night to build the solution to the racer's needs all based around a Vision, a Why and a Promise:

Our Vision

To become the complete solution for the Finish Line Events industry by creating unforgettable fitness experiences for individuals in their challenges around the world.

Our Why

To us, fitness isn't just a number, or a time. It's not exclusive to the young, old, novice or professional. To us, it's the journey that you will experience.

Our Promise

We understand the ups and the downs, the obstacles and the milestones - because we've been there. We'll be the reminder when you can't be bothered and we'll congratulate you when you're being too modest. We'll suggest things that might help: people to speak to or places to go. We'll deliver that Finish Line Feeling.

So, what now? We need you! A bit like an obstacle course race or trying to get out of your wetsuit, it goes so much smoother with a little help. We want to make this the best resource for anyone who currently knows how awesome the sports event world is, but also for those dipping their toe in for the first time. So spread the word, email us your thoughts and keep challenging. Go find your Finish Line Feeling.