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Below are just a smattering of the fantastic features that allow MyChallengeHQ members to find the best challenges, share banter, train and participate in events together and organise their event diary with ease.

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That’s nuts! Stop missing out on amazing events right on your doorstop. Members on MyChallengeHQ can easily find upcoming events in the UK whether they’re 1 mile away or a 1,000 miles away!

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That’s insane. When you sign up to MyChallengeHQ you’ll be able to hook up with old friends, make new friends, see who’s doing what, train together, inspire each other and cross that finish line together.

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Or worse still, are you using a dull, unspiring spreadhseet? Stop. Sign up to MyChallengeHQ, nail your challenge diary for the entire year in minutes and share it with anyone effortlessly.


Need more reasons to sign up? Here's what some of the amazing MyChallengeHQ members have to say about us. You guys... you're making us blush!



Obstacle Lover & Baker

I’m a bit of a medal and event fiend so being able to store all my events in one place was really useful. Recently I completed Toughest which I would never have taken on had it not been for team MyChallengeHQ and their encouragement and support.



Runner & Producer

Soooo MyChallengeHQ have given me the bug. What was supposed to be just a half marathon has turned in to much more. Bring on the next challenge.



Triathlete & Student

MyChallengeHQ have done what someone should have done a long time ago. For me having all challenges in one place is so useful and the fact I can see what friends and competitors are doing is a great touch… It's about time.

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Did you know that registered users can link directly through to event organisers’ websites to get the full lowdown on each of the 4000+ events we hold! Unlock this feature and the full potential of MyChallengeHQ, awesome search, event reviews, athlete discovery, event calendars, sharing with friends, discussion, timings. The list goes on.